Eminem to Cameo on ‘Entourage’ (Picture)

Marshall has apparently put his differences aside with Entourage producer Mark Wahlberg, as the legendary rapper is set to make an appearance on the seventh season’s (now airing) finale. EW reports that the scene will take place at a platinum party for Em’s Recovery album. He will play himself and gets in an argument with … Continue reading

‘Entourage’ – Season 7 (Preview)

First minute of the upcoming season 7 premiere of Entourage; which airs on HBO this Sunday at 10:30.

Mark Wahlberg Reveals ‘Entourage’ Film Plot

Wahlberg offered up one particularly memorable scene, though it had nothing to do with Vinnie.:“In the trailer, you see [Ari and his associate, Lloyd] waking up together in Vegas not knowing what happened. It would be pretty cool!” … “I just think we can make a great movie. I think people always wanted [it] and … Continue reading