Big Boi – Mixtape For Dummies: Guide to Global Greatness (Mixtape)

1. Mixtape For Dummies (Intro) 2. Playa’s Ball 3. Benz or Beamer 4. Dirty South 5. Royal Flush 6. ATLiens 7. Shutterbugg 8. Throw Ya Hands Up 9. Cruisin’ In The ATL (Skit) 10. Hootie Hoo 11. Hood Figga 12. D-Boy (Skit) 13. So Hood 14. Kryptonite 15. B.O.B 16. Ghetto Music 17. The Way … Continue reading

Chris Brown – Michael Jackson Tribute (2010 BET Awards)

Say what you will, but Chris Brown stole the show last night with this amazing, heart-felt tribute to the late pop star. Do I think the tears were a forced attempt at acquiring sympathy for a man looked at with such disgust and hatred? Of course. Whether or not the tears were real or not, … Continue reading

Chris Brown x Tyga – Holla At Me (Video)

“Holla at me boos, so I can smack the shit outta you”