San Diego Comic-Con 2010 Coverage

It has been my intention for a long, long time now to have Bubblegum Way v.2 up-and-running by the start of the San Diego Comic-Con 2010 convention. Sadly, this will almost not likely happen, as I don’t see it being possible for me to get the new design up and running 100% on within … Continue reading

A Taste of What is to Come…

Again, I must apologize for the lack of news coverage and everything else, for that matter. I’ve been feverishly working on getting off the ground along with remodeling and building from the ground up again. I’d like to take some time of out this work to inform you that WE ARE NOT DEAD. Also, … Continue reading

SITE NEWS: In Response To Our Down Time…

I would like to apologize for the recent absence of posts in the past few days. We’re currently working on expanding our communication with our audience, as well as enhancing the experience and making it as easily accessible as possible. We’re also currently adding to our staff. Expect a new, enhanced, and better Bubblegum Way … Continue reading

Back from the Dead!

On behalf of everyone at Bubblegum Way, I would like to apologize for our absence. We ran into many issues and obstacles over the course of the previous week. Originally, I had planned to let BGW quickly die and jump start another entertainment website, but to my surprise, once I signed back into the account … Continue reading

Name Our Podcast!

As we work out the final kinks to the website, we’re turning to you, the reader. What do you have to do? Simply post a comment (no registration needed) suggesting a title for our upcoming weekly podcast coming within the week. The staff of Bubblegum Way will select three of their favorites each, and we’ll … Continue reading

What To Expect From Us…

I meant for this to be our first post, but we ran into a few issues. Better late than never. Whether you occassionally or routinely follow Bubblegum Way, we are grateful for you. At the moment, we are simply a small, fresh, new website, but we plan to be much, much more within the coming … Continue reading