REVIEW: Predators (2010)

A group of elite warriors are hunted by members of a merciless alien race.


REVIEW: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2010)

Master sorcerer Balthazar Blake recruits a seemingly everyday guy in his mission to defend New York City from his arch-nemesis, Maxim Horvath.

REVIEW: ‘[Rec] 2’ (2009)

The action continues when a medical officer and a SWAT team outfitted with video cameras are sent into the sealed off apartment to control the situation.

REVIEW: The Last Broadcast (1998)

K. Tud reviews the 1998 cult horror movie, ‘The Last Broadcast’, and gives his opinion on the first movie ever to be filmed, edited, and screened entirely digitally.

REVIEW: The Roots – How I Got Over [2010]

How I Got Over is the ninth studio album by American hip hop band The Roots, released June 22, 2010 on Def Jam Recordings. Production for the album was primarily handled by band members Black Thought and Questlove during 2008 to 2009. Tracklist: A Peace of Light f. Amber Coffman, Angel Deradoorian & Haley Dekle … Continue reading

REVIEW: Toy Story 3 [2010]

Plot: Woody, Buzz and the whole gang are back. As their owner Andy prepares to depart for college, his loyal toys find themselves in daycare where untamed tots with their sticky little fingers do not play nice. So, it’s all for one and one for all as they join Barbie’s counterpart Ken, a thespian hedgehog … Continue reading

REVIEW: Splice (2010)

Elsa and Clive, two young rebellious scientists, defy legal and ethical boundaries and forge ahead with a dangerous experiment: splicing together human and animal DNA to create a new organism. Named “Dren”, the creature rapidly develops from a deformed female infant into a beautiful but dangerous winged human-chimera, who forges a bond with both of … Continue reading

REVIEW: Eminem – Recovery (2010)

Recovery is the seventh studio album by American rapper Eminem. Recovery was confirmed during a press release by Eminem’s label on March 5, 2009 and was originally titled Relapse 2. It was slated to be the second Eminem album released in 2009, after Relapse, but was pushed back to 2010.

REVIEW: The Men Who Stare At Goats (2009)

Brittany revisits last year’s black-comedy about the U.S. Army’s New Earth Army, a unit that employs paranormal powers in their missions.

REVIEW: Drake – Thank Me Later (2010)

REVIEW: Paranormal Activity (2007)

After moving into a suburban home, a couple becomes increasingly disturbed by a nightly demonic presence.

REVIEW: Iron Man 2 (2010)

Billionaire Tony Stark must contend with deadly issues involving the government, his own friends, as well as new enemies due to his superhero alter ego Iron Man.

SECOND OPINION: A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)


REVIEW: A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010)

READ FRED’S SECOND OPINION REVIEW HERE A re-imagining of the horror icon Freddy Krueger, a serial-killer who wields a glove with four blades embedded in the fingers and kills people in their dreams, resulting in their real death in reality.

REVIEW: Lady GaGa – ‘The Fame Monster’ (2009)

The Fame Monster is the second studio album by American recording artist Lady Gaga, released on November 18, 2009.

REVIEW: B.o.B. Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray

B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray is the debut album by American rapper B.o.B. It is scheduled to be released on April 27, 2010. Read Fred’s review after the cut…

REVIEW: Kick-Ass (2010)

Dave Lizewski is an unnoticed high school student and comic book fan who one day decides to become a super-hero, even though he has no powers, training or meaningful reason to do so. Review under the cut…