Robert Rodriguez Talks Future Projects

AICN sat down with director/producer Robert Rodriguez in promotion for PREDATORS, opening this Friday. Rodriguez talked up his upcoming projects.


“I’m trying to and I might be getting my own financing so that I could do that, because that way you don’t have to wait for a studio and have them cry poor. You could just be shooting…”

“The next step is Troublemaker studios will have it’s own financing so that it can just turn around and greenlight something, and we can just say “We want to make that, let’s just make it.” We will ask ourselves for permission. “You want to make it?” “Sure, we’re making it.””

SPY KIDS reboot:

“I just turned the script in. I get parents and kids all of the time saying how often they watch those movies, and how the parents are having kids that haven’t seen it. So it would be 10 years when this next one comes out since [the first SPY KIDS] happened–getting to reboot your own series is pretty interesting.”

“It’s pretty fun and it doesn’t feel like we are going back to the well again, and the idea is doing it again with new kids and making this one… The first three are the Roger Moore Bond movies; this is the CASINO ROYALE. That’s kind of where are going with it. It’s good.”

“New characters. Alexa [Vega] shows up, because she’s now an older spy who wants to revitalize the SPY KIDS division, which got shot down seven years ago for budget reasons.”


“Well those are things are owned by other people, that’s why it takes so long to get made when they don’t have financing. It sits there, and they have to wait until CONAN gets made, and I’m like “Screw that, I want to get my own financing, so if I have an idea, while the idea is hot, you go and make it instead of sitting on it for four years.””

Read the full interview here.


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