Live-Action ‘Akira’ “Has to be” PG-13?

One half of the Hughes Brothers (From Hell, Book of Eli), Albert Hughes, has made a bold statement that should turn the internet into a frenzy over the much discussed and rumored live-action adaptation of the cult classic Japanese anime, Akira.

“The first thing they said to me was it had to be PG-13,” Hughes said and then followed up with labeling it as either being “a challenge” or a “hind-ridge.”

This is somewhat odd as the original involves rape, murder, foul language, and bodily muscles piercing through skin and creating a giant muscle-man. My interest in this live-action adaptation continues to plummet and plummet nearly every day, it seems…

SOURCE: The Kevin and Josh Movie Show

One Response to “Live-Action ‘Akira’ “Has to be” PG-13?”
  1. Brizzy says:

    …… PG13? for that one? SERIOUSLY? Why don’t you tell Eminem to stop cursing?

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