Vintage Vids: Prodigy – Smack My B*tch Up

I love music videos. Something about them really fascinates me. Some tells amazing stories in such a short time frame that really can’t be done with television or movies. So every Tuesday, I’m going to post a favorite music video of mine and what a way to start up my new column.

Prodigy’s video for the 1997 smash hit, Smack My Bitch Up. Some call it the most controversial music video ever, disgusting, and misogynistic. It was universally banned from every network station. Massive demands made MTV finally show the video in it’s full uncut format after midnight and packed a lengthly warning about the music video’s content. The video is incredible in the way that it takes the stereotypes of misogyny and violence,  flips it and people still labeled it as misogynistic. One thing is for sure, you won’t be forgetting about this music video for a long time. Prepare yourself as the video contains sex, nudity, real drug use, violence, drinking and a nice twist at the end.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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