#WTF?!: Where’s the ‘Child’s Play’ Reboot?

Now, I’ve been known to go on a “fuck remakes” rant from time to time, but in my defense, I usually only do so in regards to the film properties that usually get the reboot treatment: the ones that don’t need them. Rarely ever does Hollywood get it right and begin anew on a series or franchise that is in desperate need of a fresh start.

A while back, it was reported that a reboot of the horror series Child’s Play was soon to come. Child’s Play tells the tale of Andy (at least the first three did) and his terrifying encounter with a child’s doll named Chucky that is possessed by the soul of a serial killer. Obviously, this is a ridiculous concept, but for some reason, this series lasted over 20 years. Maybe it was the fact that the original was so goddamn creepy and somehow believable that people continued to line up at the theaters for these flicks.

Child’s Play 2 was also an enjoyable horror romp, but it was obvious that the material wasn’t able to hold after just one story, as we were introduced to a more comical version of Chucky. With the following entries (Child’s Play 3, Bride of Chucky, and Seed of Chucky) the “humor” just kept growing and growing until that’s all the series was. A comedy in the disguise of a horror movie.

I enjoyed these movies as a kid and I still hold the first two very high and often suggest them to the unknowing, but if ever I was asked, “are there anymore?” I would grow reluctant. If ever there was a movie series that would actually benefit from the reboot-treatment, Child’s Play is the obvious contender.

Strip away the comedy and replace it with suspense and tension, keep the doll hidden for the majority of the movie (much like the original), and add something original and you’re on to something. Despite the idiotic premise of a killer doll, Child’s Play can actually be a terrifying movie adventure. If you don’t believe me, add the original to your Netflix queue. Obviously the movie is outdated, but it is still a fantastic example of how easily good filmmaking can turn an innocent and boring object such as a child’s doll into a nightmare.

If ever this reboot were to actually take flight, please, don’t turn this into a teenage-filled piece of shit. Also, don’t fall victim to what the A Nightmare on Elm Street remake and try and outdo what can’t be outdone. Just as Robert Englund is and forever will be the only Freddy Krueger, Brad Dourif is Chucky. Don’t be stupid and recast. If Judi Dench can reprise her role in a James Bond remake, then so can Dourif.

Every day another remake is announced that is unnecessary, yet Child’s Play goes untouched? I have to ask… what the fuck?!


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