‘Scott Pilgrim vs. The World’ Video Game…

The game is a four-player brawler featuring Sex Bob-omb bass player Scott Pilgrim, love interest Ramona Flowers, and Scott’s bandmates Kim Pine and Stephen Stills as playable characters. Ubisoft teased other unlockable characters, modes, and levels, so don’t give up hope on playing as Knives Chau or Young Neil just yet. Unfortunately, there is no online play.

Combat covers all the brawler bases with two attack buttons, blocks, throws, counters, ground strikes, weapons, jumps, dashes, and grapples. You can also taunt, summon a mystical ninja, and resurrect knocked out players, which you don’t really see in brawlers. As you defeat enemies, you’ll gain experience and cash. The former grants you new moves upon leveling up (like an air recovery or spin attack) and the latter can be spent at River City Ransom-esque shops integrated into stages. Items like food and accessories are available here alongside straight up attribute boosts to strength, defense, speed, and willpower. Both Scott and Kim had entirely different movesets, which has us excited to see what Ramona and Stephen can do.

Look for the downloadable game to become available on the PSN in August and the 360 soon after.

SOURCE: GameInformer


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