CONTEST: Win Two Copies of Eminem’s Recovery

We’re giving away two copies of Eminem’s upcoming album, Recovery, dropping June 15th, to two separate people. All you have to do is caption the picture in the comment box after the jump. The two funniest comments win. In order to be eligible you can only enter once and you must supply an e-mail (it will remain private). The contest ends at midnight EST on June 15th. The winners will receive an e-mail by June 20th.

*Caption the picture below in the comment box
17 Responses to “CONTEST: Win Two Copies of Eminem’s Recovery
  1. Danny says:

    Eminem: “Damn, that bitch is redder than the bloodshed from Kurt Cobain’s head when he shot himself dead!”

  2. B-man says:

    Eminem: “Hey Gaga I really respect your…. Yo bitch, can you hear me? So this is what Mtv meant by wanting me to look like a idiot…”

    • B-man says:

      Got a better one.. -.-‘
      Eminem: “… I should have let Mvt shut me down when I had the chance..”

  3. Azzam says:

    L Gaga: “This is for the big fans. And it’s for god, and for the gays.”
    Eminem: wat.

  4. Dale T. says:

    Lady Gaga: “Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah, Roma, Roma-ma, GaGa, ooh la la.”
    Eminem: “Damn, maybe you need to get off the drugs too.”

  5. Dsmoove says:

    Man, I gotta get off drugs.

  6. Wendy says:

    Um, no. I refuse to wear a matching costume.

  7. Big_E says:

    “Damn….this bitch gots Shady beat.”

  8. M0ns1er says:

    Damn that bitch stole my dress for the evening.

  9. T says:

    Marshall: Things like this, are why I take drugs.

  10. Brizzy says:

    hahaha sorry I had to write this one XD Only count this one –

    Marshall: “Dre.. what the FUCK did you put in my mountain dew…?”

  11. HershBar007 says:

    He may be Slim Shady, but that doesn’t mean to has to like Slim Jim.

  12. TH says:

    Please welcome to the stage, Slim Shady and a fuckin’ Slim Jim.

  13. Shadyz_Apprentice says:

    Eminem: god i just wanna kick her in the cunt till she queefs and it sounds like a whoopy cushion..

  14. ST says:

    Eminem- “Fuck what I said before, I am afraid!”

  15. MCMD says:

    “If everyone esle could see this thing they would say something right? right? Yeah I better just continue talking”

  16. Fred Lozano says:

    Thank you for entering. Winners have been notified VIA e-mail.

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