Britt’s Top 10: Book To Movie Adaptations (1/2)

Before you read this, I want to make sure I note a few things. 1. I never knew there were as many book to movie adaptations as there are until I did this, and WAY more than 10 of them are amazing. 2. I left out any comic book adaptations, because that takes us into a whole different ballpark. 3. Enjoy, and if you don’t agree, comment, but these are just opinions.


Charlotte’s Web

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Children of Men

The Shining

-I’m not saying that these book-movie adaptations weren’t good enough for the top 10. They just didn’t fit. I’m also not saying that the movies themselves aren’t top 10 worthy. But the quality of adapting the book to the movie was just done better in some other movies, in my opinion.

10. Jurassic Park

The movie Jurassic Park was made a few years after the novel by the late Michael Crichton. Though the movie was done very differently than the novel was written, it had to be in order to be believable. I think the movie was great in itself, but the novel was just awesome, and the movie definitely did the book justice and went on to make tons of money and become almost a legend.

9. Lord of the Flies

Made in 1990, the movie that followed the book was considered disappointing by many, and I somewhat agree, though not completely. The book was amazing to me, and it absolutely disturbed me. Obviously the movie couldn’t get away with the same things the book did (especially in 1990), and most of the disturbing parts in the book were more implied than just straight-out said anyway, but still…I expected some craziness in the movie. All the same, I feel that the underlying parts of the book and the basic plot was kept when transitioned into a movie, but realistically that’s about all they could do and get away with it. The story is basically a teenage Lost with a lot more problems and a lot less control, and since it’s a big satire for today’s world, mostly everything had to be left unsaid. I thought the movie was good for what it was, though. Maybe they should try remaking it…

8. Mystic River

In my opinion, the movie to the novel by Dennis Lehane was a perfect adaptation. Though it was Hollywood-ized a little bit, the plot and story pretty much stayed the same, and I think the casting for the characters from the book were awesome. The script adaptation was also really good, not changing too much from the novel and just keeping it the way it was, which was good because the novel was very creative and captivating. The acting in the movie was great, and I didn’t walk away feeling like I missed the entire idea of what the book meant.

7. Silence of the Lambs

Based on the novels by Thomas Harris, the Hannibal Lecter movies were all adapted wonderfully. I picked this one out specifically because of the group, I found this one the best adapted and the most disturbing (both the book and movie form). The novel was wonderfully and colorfully written, and I feared that the transition into a movie would lose its color and imagination by poor casting, bad writing, or by changing it too much. My fears for this movie ended up having nothing to back them up when the movie released and not much changed, the casting was awesome (Anthony Hopkins was the BEST choice for this role, and I love him in it), and the writing’s just as disturbing as the book. Buffalo Bill was weird and creepy in the book, and in the movie he was written and acted perfectly for his character, and that pretty much made this decision for me. I think the acting is what made this one such a good adaptation for me.

6. Zodiac

Based on actual case files from the Zodiac serial killer case, the creation of this movie obviously required the perfect mixture of imagination and realism. David Fincher pulled this off so well when he made the movie, and though some characters may have been a little tough to picture with the case files, but the actors in the movie play what I thought the actual police officers and suspects would be like. Nothing was changed about the movie, and what I loved about it was that they didn’t make up some stupid Hollywood ending; they left it how it actually ended. The movie definitely did the actual case justice, and it didn’t leave anything out or try to make things more interesting, because it really didn’t need to be done. The real-life case was interesting enough in itself.

1-5 coming soon…

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