‘Inception’ Covers Empire Magazine

…in which Christopher Nolan talks Batman 3, Superman, and whether or not the Joker will appear again in his Batman trilogy.

3 Responses to “‘Inception’ Covers Empire Magazine”
  1. hello there. says:

    oh great another shutter island type movie. where everyone is fooled by the ending except for me. just great.

    • Fred Lozano says:

      @hello there.

      Shutter Island was always obvious and the people behind it knew this. That movie was about the execution of the obvious twist more than anything else, which they achieved very well.

      Inception, while yeah, it’s most likely going to be Dicaprio’s dream, looks phenomenal, in my eyes.

  2. johon says:

    Great movie for all time this movie never forget and it never will die! I love all actors the played great especially Leo! Bravo NOLAN you’re great director!! I can’t write my emotions with words!!!

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