Eminem – SkyRock Radio Interview (Audio)

Em, Royce, and Alchemist took a break during their international promo for Recovery dropping June 22nd to snap the above photo. Stream and download down below for the interview Marshall just did on Skyrock.


– Confirms the tracklist, putting an end to the “it’s fake” talk about the ‘net
– Speaks of the Not Afraid music video dropping this Saturday (June 5th)
– Speaks on 50 Cent’s weight lose for his film
– Speaks on his international tour
– Collaborations with Rihanna, Lil Wayne, and Pink

    STREAM: Eminem – Skyrock Interview (Audio)

    DOWNLOAD: Eminem – Skyrock Interview (Audio) [Part 1]

    DOWNLOAD: Eminem – Skyrock Interview (Audio) [Part 2]

    6 Responses to “Eminem – SkyRock Radio Interview (Audio)”
    1. Matt Conaway says:

      Hey, my name is Matt Conaway, I was hoping to get your e-mail address so that I could start sending you press releases, MP3′, video, LP’s (electronically) and industry events. I typically work 4-5 projects a month and right now I am working Kidz In The Hall, Rhymefest, Kokane, Sean Price, Eternia & MoSS, P. Monche, Homeboy Sandman, Killer Mike, etc

      Hope to hear from you soon and thank you for your time.

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