UPDATE 2: Eminem – Talking 2 Myself f. Kobe (Snippet)

Word from the grapevine is that this is an unreleased track from Kobe that Eminem picked up for Recovery. Well, good looking from our talk back section. This comment here pointed to the actual song this is a rip from. Sorry about the confusion.

FRED EDIT: Or… is it real? Kobe tweeted the following image regarding the “original” creator who stole his hook:

Hit the jump for the conversation:

We’ll find out on June 22nd when Recovery drops (or when it inevitably leaks).

STREAM: Eminem – Talking 2 Myself f. Kobe (Snippet)

DOWNLOAD: Eminem – Talking 2 Myself f. Kobe (Snippet)

6 Responses to “UPDATE 2: Eminem – Talking 2 Myself f. Kobe (Snippet)”
  1. raincheck says:

    damn. how the hell did you manage to get this before any of the big hiphop sites did?

  2. omfgtom says:

    yea im curious to know myself

  3. BubbleBooty says:

    i think this dude stole it? hmmmmm

  4. Fred Lozano says:


    Good looking.

  5. engineer says:

    i can tell u i recorded this song and mixed and mastered it well over a year ago – the song was first worked on back in 08 – thats how old this hook and beat – i personally saw emails between cinque and khalil – hard to call somebody a thief for a very old record. khalil’s manager and cinque’s manager at the time No ID (and i have pics with me q and no id together) were good friends beats were shopped and placed – cinque also had a good relationship with sha money xl who places beats on interscope and g unit projects whiz khalifa etc – q also had anutha song with kobe on the hook called shotty – which was eventually re shopped and placed on whiz khalifa project – he also had the same beat and hook from kobe that jim jones used – so cmon with the theft rumors – i understood they want the em placement and interscope check but dont drag my dudes name thru the mud to get it

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