CONTEST: Win A Copy of Drake – Thank Me Later

Alright. Let’s get our first contest off the ground. We’re giving away two copies of Drake’s debut album, Thank Me Later, dropping June 15th, to two separate people. All you have to do is caption the picture in the comment box after the jump. The two funniest comments win. In order to be eligible you can only enter once and you must supply an e-mail (it will remain private). The contest ends at midnight EST on June 4th. The winners will receive an e-mail by June 11th.

Caption the picture in the comment box below…
24 Responses to “CONTEST: Win A Copy of Drake – Thank Me Later
  1. Michael says:

    drake: “the fuck is up with yo hair girl?”

  2. bigthang says:

    heartbreak wheelchair drizzy

  3. ANTHO says:

    Drake “Tell me whats really going on?”

  4. David says:

    Drizzy: “I just wanna see if this works… Look directly into my eyebrows girl…”
    White Lil Wayne: “Aww.. Its working! I think I… I love you.”
    Drizzy: “Damn. That shit worked. Sorry girl, I’m off to a better future. These eyebrows are gonna get me somewhere.
    Oh.. And what tha fuck is up with yo weave girl? Change that shit up! You’ll Thank Me Later..”

  5. wreckstat says:

    Drizzy:”What are you looking at? Your in one too.”
    Girl:”No im just sitting here”

  6. Omar says:

    Drizzy – “I want to fuck you so bad, but who is gonna help us get it poppin’?”
    Girl – “I’m a dude.”

  7. rc says:

    Drake: I really gotta poop.

  8. Dsmoove says:

    Drake: Yeah bitch talk shit again and i’ll do worse than a put you in a wheelchair.

  9. ST says:

    Drake- “Once you go black, you’ll need a wheelchair!”

  10. omfgtom says:

    Drake: “This fresshman is about to get busy ;)”
    Girl: “The doc said your penis will never see usage again, sorry faggot.”

  11. koa29 says:

    Drake: “Where’s the bathroom at? A niggas’ gotta shit”

  12. christian guest says:

    “You should roll up to the club with me later on girl”

  13. arbiter says:

    Girl: “Sorry again about pushing you down the stairs … Now will you go to prom with me?

  14. Kendall says:

    Drake: Do you think I’d be a good rapper???
    Girl: Do you think I can walk???
    Drake: ….

  15. Zachary Gottlieb says:

    Drake: Like A Sprained Ankle Boy I Ain’t Nothin To Play With.
    Girl: That’s to bad because my ankles actually work.
    Drake: Who Give’s A Shit I’m About To Throw Some 20’s On This Bitch, A Subwoofer and Some Gold Plated Spinners…
    Drake: Now Roll Me To The Mall Before I Stand Up… You Can Thank Me Later

  16. Arty says:

    “how we ‘posed to fuck if we both in wheelchairs?!”

  17. TH says:

    Drake: “The fuck happen to yo lips, girl?”

    Drake: “20 inch wheelchair!! =D”
    Girl: “24’s =]”
    Drake: -_-“

  18. youngkiiss says:

    Drake: hey whats up my name is jimmy aka Drake..
    Girl: i think i know u ur the guy who fall of stage last summer..
    Drake: no wonder she is on a wheelchair that bitch is trippen.
    Girl: i can hear u …
    Drake: i better find ur loving i better find ur oil
    if u wanna make love and..change my wheels.BITCH

  19. Azzam says:

    Drake: “If I were a woman hater, does this make me gay?”

  20. Drake: Oh shit Sandra, they fucked up your weave, girl! You look like Wayne!
    Girl: Don’t I know it. The hairdresser was callin me Wheelie F. Baby.

  21. HR says:

    Girl: Im pregnant
    Drake: that aint my baby.

  22. jet says:

    Drake: Torn ACL?

  23. satan says:

    Girl: you getting shot was so fake
    Drake: yo girl how you know wayne wrote my scripts?

  24. Fred Lozano says:

    Thank you for entering. The winners have been contacted by e-mail. See you next time!

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