Back from the Dead!

On behalf of everyone at Bubblegum Way, I would like to apologize for our absence. We ran into many issues and obstacles over the course of the previous week. Originally, I had planned to let BGW quickly die and jump start another entertainment website, but to my surprise, once I signed back into the account I had seen that we were still being viewed by a large number of you even when we weren’t posting. It wouldn’t be fair for us to just up and leave you all like that, so we’re back for good. We had to let go of members on our writing staff (another reason we were absent), so the news may not come at such a quick pace as before. I assure you though, Bubblegum Way will work to our fullest to bring you everything new in movies, music, videogames, and more. A special thanks goes out to those who stuck with us through this little speed bump. Again, thank you. – Fred Lozano

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