Hulu Adds New Features

Down bottom you can find details about the new features being offered from Hulu, probably in an attempt to maintain an audience before charging per-month on the 24th.

* Adaptive Bit-rate Streaming:This optional feature will allow for the video quality

to be adjusted based on the individual users available bandwidth. This should significantly cut down on buffering times, and compensate for any connection problems by smoothing out the video playback.

* Ad Volume Normalization: We’ve all been there, watching our show at the appropriate volume and then -BAM!- extra loud commercial comes out of no where! This welcomed new feature will automatically balance out the volume on the commercials, so you can ignore them in peace.

* Seek Preview: Now when you hold your cursor over any point in the timeline of the video a thumbnail will appear allowing you to see exactly what is happening at that point in the video. This will make it a lot easier to find certain scenes or pick up from where you left off.

* A Bigger, Sleeker Player: The video dimensions are now 25% larger and all of the buttons only appear now when you mouse scrolls across them. This change is both larger and less distracting then the previous format and looks pretty slick too.

Head on over to the official Hulu Blog for more features.


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