Cleveland Cavaliers Lose Game 6 Against Boston Celtics

I’m definitely not saying I’m surprised, but this was not only embarrassing…it was annoying. They gave up and just stopped trying. The game stayed close throughout the first two quarters, then they just lost it. In the last minute of the game, the whole team had all but walked off the court, and you could tell they just gave up completely. Lebron laughed it off with some other players and dropped his jersey on the ground on the way to the locker rooms. What a way to show respect for your team.

Losing by only 11 (nothing compared to the 30 something they lost by on Tuesday night), the Cavs just let the championship title fall right through their fingers, quite possibly showing Lebron off in his POSSIBLE last game playing for Cleveland. For postgame interviews from the Cavs and for more on the team, continue reading.

So since Lebron is what’s on everyone’s mind…will he stay or will he go? Everyone’s talking, and everyone’s speculating, but he’s really the only one who knows, and ultimately, we won’t know until he makes his decision come July. He says (see the interview below) that he hasn’t even made any plans yet. The laughter at the end of the game followed by the dropping of his Cavs jersey may be pointing toward his loyalty to the Cavs being lost, and since he’s a free agent now, he can make whatever choices he wants. It was disrespectful to his team, but he was angry. There’s no excuse, though, Lebron. Act like a man and face up to your responsibilities; don’t just blow off your team. Everyone else showed up. I’m thinking that he may move on from the Cavs for himself…he really wants that championship. Cleveland deserved to win it years ago, but too many unnecessary changes have been made, and too many inconsistencies have been added year by year. In the interview below, Lebron talks about the Cavs, the Celtics, nightmares, dreams, the losses, and how he feels about all of it.

Lebron Postgame: Game 6

Then there’s Mike Brown. He obviously doesn’t deserve to be coaching any team right now, let alone the best team in the NBA. Yes, he got them to the top spot in the regular season, but what happened in the Playoffs? Was it a lack of motivation, ulterior motives, or was it just simply poor coaching and even worse playing? Who knows, but Brown might be out of the job soon…maybe he and Lebron will move on together (ha).

Next we get to hear Mike Brown talk. In an interview on AM1100 I was listening to before, he says that he is not thinking about Lebron leaving or the fact that he, as the coach, might be out of the job. He said “that would be unfair to the other players in the locker room.” But this interview’s just frustrating. Hey, Mike, just putting it out there…saying your team fought “till the end” when they clearly didn’t even fight till the middle just makes you look like an idiot.

Mike Brown Postgame: Game 6

Shaq’s interview is next, and it’s sad watching him talk to the press because he looks like he’s about to break down crying the whole time. And a man that big crying is a sad sight, indeed. They put a lot of pressure on him with the questions, but he actually played better than most of the other players on the team throughout Round 2. At least he admits that the team just gave three of the six games to the Celtics.

Shaq Postgame: Game 6

Lastly, here are some highlights (and lowlights) of Game 6. It’s pretty pathetic

Cavaliers Vs. Celtics: Game 6

Well, let’s hope that this wasn’t Lebron’s last game with Cleveland because if it was, there’s no more team. For someone who wanted a win so badly, he didn’t play like it. We’ll see. For more videos, interviews, and anything else Cavs, go to the Cavs website or the NBA website if you want to see how other teams are doing.

One Response to “Cleveland Cavaliers Lose Game 6 Against Boston Celtics”
  1. Vickie F. says:

    What happens happens, but Lebron talks about how they are a team, but I feel he thinks only of himself. How much MORE money does he possibly need!

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