Aaron Sims Talks ‘Apes’ & ‘Castlevania’

Arrow In The Head sat down with production designer Aaron Sims on the set of Insidious and got a few details out of him about the upcoming Planet of the Apes prequel Rise of the Apes and the video game adaptation Castlevania.

Rise of the Apes:

“Well, we’re still kind of at the end as far as the designs go with Casear: The Rise of the Apes which is a prequel for Planet of the Apes.  I can’t tell you too much, but it’s basically the beginning of how it all started. Well, the thing is, it is different from the original because it’s an origin story. None of the other movies really had a beginning. This actually has a beginning. So it’s kind of the offshoot of how everything started. So it’s going to be its own thing. We pretty much designed all the characters and all the apes and they are up building the sets in Vancouver right now. “


“When James Wan got into this bigger film that he wanted to do, he re-connected with me, which is Castlevania. And so we spent a lot of time on Castlevania, the design and the look of the film; the characters, creatures, vampires, in a very, very unique style. It’s very much a James Wan style, mixed with my contributions and my aspects of what I would do as a designer as well. Unfortunately it’s still kind of in limbo right now but it sounds like it is picking up.”

Read more of the article at Arrow In The Head.

2 Responses to “Aaron Sims Talks ‘Apes’ & ‘Castlevania’”
  1. Brian says:

    If you’re going to copy JimmyO’s entire story you can at least write up your intro correctly. James Wan didn’t say any of this stuff.

    • K. Tud says:

      Sorry about the intro. Fred hasn’t been feeling good at all so he misread it. I wouldn’t consider it copying, though. We sourced the article and quoted it.

      Love your website, sir. Inspired me to make my first review website so I thank you.

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