Cleveland Cavaliers Interviews And Input On Game 5

There were some harsh words spoken all around about the Cavs’ performance in Game 5 of Round 2 against the Celtics. The focus lies on Lebron who they say, though injured, has no emotion and is not playing with the heart that won him the MVP award. Continue reading to see some videos and to hear what Lebron, Charles Barkley and others have to say.

The Cavs, as I’ve been posting, have been playing messy and emotionless. Why is it that the BEST team (by numbers) is now playing like the worst? But I’m not the only person who thinks this.

This first video that I’m going to post the link to is a few guys talking about the Cavs, one of whom thinks Lebron won’t leave Cleveland “with a bad taste in everyone’s mouth,” they talk about the Cavs getting booed, the Celtics as a team and how they’re playing, and more. It’s actually a good interview; they cover a lot of the issues that people have in their minds with the Cavs right now. They go on to talk about the other teams in the playoffs too, if you’re interested.

Game Time: Headlines

In this next video, Charles Barkley talks about his disappointment with Lebron and his recent gameplay. And this is from a man that loves Lebron…

Top 5 of Inside the NBA: Number 4

The last video I’m going to post is Lebron talking about what he’s worried about for the team (and what he’s not worried about), how he views the Cavs as a team right now, how he views his terrible playing lately, the team’s intensity, and more. My question is…why is he dressed like that? He sort of looks like a pimp. He is awesome, though. He needs to get back into the team.

Postgame: Lebron James

For more postgame videos or interviews by or about the Cavs (maybe to see what their problems have been), go to the Cavs website or the NBA website.


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