Lost Report: 06×15 – “Across the Sea”

The origin of the Man in Black, Jacob, and the smoke monster are finally revealed…

This episode is very different than the usual LOST episode, as it has no alternate timeline (flashback, flashforward, flashsideways). This entire episode takes place long before any event in LOST has ever been shown…

A bruised and pregnant woman named Claudia washes ashore on the island and encounters an unnamed woman. Suddenly, Claudia goes into birth, the woman helping. She gives birth to a son, named Jacob. She then gives birth to another child, before being able to name this twin brother of Jacob’s, the woman murders Claudia. The woman raises the twins to believe she is their mother, and that their is no world beyond the ocean and that death will never come upon either of them. She also raises them to be distrustful of humanity, whom she regards as corrupt and dangerous.

Now a young man, Jacob and the Boy in Black wear their familiar light and dark clothing. The Boy in Black finds a game washed from the ocean, which resembles the Ancient Egyptian game senet: it uses black and white stones to represent two oppsing players, alluding to the recurring motif in the first season. When the twins discover that other people are on the island, their “mother” reveals a mysterious cave tunnel filled with light and an underground stream, and tells them that one day they will be its caretakers, and makes it so neither can kill the other. Soon after, the spirit of their actual mother Claudia appears to the Boy in Black, and reveals the truth of his birth and the woman raising them, along with her murder, the existence of the outside world, and how the other people on the island came there 13 years previously. The Boy in Black attempts to get Jacob to come with him to the other people, but Jacob refuses. Their “mother” tries to stop the Boy in Black from leaving, but he leaves anyway.

Jacob, now an adult, visits his brother at the camp he shares with the others. The Man in Black believes that the woman who raised them was right about humanity. He only stays with them because they are a means to finding a way off the island, which involves the use of the island’s strange electromagnetic properties.

Their “mother” learns of this, shows Jacob the tunnel of light again, explains that it leads to the heart of the island, and that it is now his time to watch over it. She then crosses the island to find the Man in Black, whom reveals that they are building what in the future will be the time machine that gets Ben and Locke off the island. He refuses to stay, and she smashes his head against the concrete, rendering him unconscious, leaving her to massacre the people in the camp and destroy their equipment. When the Man in Black regains conscious, he kills his “mother” before Jacob’s eyes. Jacob attacks his twin brother, beating him, and then dragging him to the stream leading down the tunnel of light. Jacob throws him into the stream, knocking him out, and watching as he drifts down the stream and into the tunnel of light, where he is sucked into. The Man in Black emerges as the smoke monster, leaving his physical body behind.

Jacob places the corspes of his brother and “mother” in the cave, along with a pouch containing the black and white stones they used in their game as children. The corpses and the stones are eventually found by Jack Shephard and Kate Austen later in “House of the Rising Sun” from the very first season.


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