Crash! Bang! Wallow? (Video)

The National Film Board of Canada, in association with the Cannes Short Film Corner, welcomes you to the 6th NFB Online contest. Vote for your favorite short film.

Crash! Bang! Wallow? is the tale of ex-stuntman Larry LeTan and his fight to find a place in modern world. At the height of his career Larry rubbed shoulders with Hollywood superstars of the 80s. As stuntman to the most popular action heroes, he did all the things the stars couldnt or wouldnt do. He performed Arnies tumbles, Slys leaps and Segals acting. However, with the introduction of computer technology Larry finds himself out of synch with the modern world. Poetry by Luke Wright and Joel Stickley.

Following the success of directorial debut The Technical Hitch (2006), Jon Dunleavy has been represented by Tandem Films. While working in the commercial field and television, he continues to develop and produce short films, including animated comedy Mummy and Baddy (2007) and fantasy/horror Shadows & Dust (2009). Dunleavy is currently completing work on his new short animation Crash Bang Wallow starring David Soul (Starsky & Hutch) the bittersweet tale of a suicidal stuntman who tries and fails to stay relevant in a new era of computer-generated imagery.

Keith Wilson-Singer is a writer/director of animated short films. After graduating from Norwich University for the Arts, he directed the short animated comedy Mummy and Baddy (2007), starring Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter). Wilson-Singer followed this up with the twisted comedy short Jacob, which he wrote, produced and directed. He is currently developing a slate of animated and live-action projects for television and film.

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  1. HARDCORE, nicely done.

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