Cleveland Cavaliers Are Embarrassed By Boston Celtics

I regret to say that I actually went to this game, after spending an undeserved amount of money on tickets. Excitedly, I figured the Cavs would come back considering they pretty much had to win last night in order to have the momentum to win Round 2 (usually whatever team wins Game 5, wins Game 7). But, I was disappointed when they were absolutely destroyed, playing terribly, losing the ball numerous times, dropping it, turning it over, missing their shots, and leaving the Celtics’ biggest players wide open to make 3-pointers.

Losing 120-88, the Cavs were booed for what could have been the very first time ever. Their fans were humiliated, and the Celtics stood proud as they showed the Cavs that they just couldn’t match them. I’ve pretty much given up on them, but we’ll see if they can prove me and many other fans wrong in Game 6, which is at Boston on Thursday the 12th at 8PM. Please stop playing like high schoolers, Cavs…or Lebron’s not going to stick around and hold your hands anymore. Go Cavs?

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