Online Movie Review Plagiarism Fiasco

For those unaware, sometime last week, I discovered an Iron Man 2 video review on Youtube that sounded similar to a review I read earlier that night from somewhere else. The reviewer and site in question: Tom Perkins of FilmXTRA. The review it reminded me of was that of JimmyO of JoBlo’s writing staff. As it turned out, it was the exact same review. Word for word. Read off the computer. So, I contacted JoBlo and pointed them in the right direction, which has lead to the uncovering of 40+ plagiarized reviews from the same person.  Amidst this discovery, an online chaos has emerged on many movie review websites.

The big deal with all of this is the fact that the man is in fact a sponsored Youtube member and has been earning cash for stealing other’s hard work.

For the full details, head over to Joblo for a basic rundown or watch this video created by FuryoftheFilmFan which goes into great detail. No word on what will happen in the outcome of this fiasco as of now.

You can also head over to JoBlo and listen in on their Podcast where they lash out about this incident and yours-truly gets a few name-drops.

One Response to “Online Movie Review Plagiarism Fiasco”
  1. JimmyO says:

    Thanks again man! That was an amazing call, without you, this would all still be going on and nobody would’ve been the wiser!

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