Joaquin Phoenix Mockumentary Rumors Confirmed

Last year, everybody found themselves wondering what happened to pretty decent and NORMAL Signs and The Village actor Joaquin Phoenix when he seemed to have lost his mind, grew out a beard, started…rapping? (more falling off stage than anything), and was pissing people off (Letterman, for example). It has finally been confirmed that once-was-a-heartthrob turned insane Phoenix, really was filming a mockumentary with Casey Affleck. Read on for more info.

With the rumors of Phoenix supposedly helping Casey Affleck out with filming some type of video project finally confirmed, I’m sure plenty of people will simply lose interest in the madness that was Joaquin Phoenix. Last week, Affleck showed the films to potential buyers, including the Weinstein Co., but they want to keep all the details of the film a complete secret, which I suppose they should have decided to do before Phoenix ate up all the press of last year.

My question is, though, what would it even be about? An actor that went crazy that didn’t really go crazy…? I guess we’ll see….if anyone even wants to buy the film.

SOURCE: Deadline


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