REVIEW: ‘August Underground’ Trilogy

“You don’t have to worry about growing up now, sweetie.”

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The following reviews contain vivid descriptions and pictures of extreme torture, murder and disgusting behavior.


Fred Vogel


Fred Vogel as “Unnamed Killer”
Cristie Whiles as “Krusty”
Michael Schneider as “Maggot”
Allen Peters as “Man behind the camera”


August Underground (2001) – 70 mins
August Underground’s Mordum (2003) – 77 mins
August Underground’s Penance (2007) – 84 mins


Not rated. The MPAA would have to make a new rating for these movies.

Good Lord, where to begin? The August Underground films are pseudo-snuff films shot by the serial killers themselves. August Underground shows the murderers learning and testing out how to kill, Mordum shows the murderers successfully killing, and Penance shows the ultimate outcome of the killings. They are also the most disturbing and visually realistic movies I’ve ever watched.


August Underground starts up and doesn’t even give you time to breathe before it punches you in the gut with the most unsettling intro in recent memory. The man behind the camera (Peters) is recording outside in the pitch black night when his friend (Vogel) comes to him and tells him “You’re gonna love this”. Vogel’s character leads his friend down to the basement where a naked woman, covered in blood, is duct taped to a chair. Her husband is dead in the bathtub, which is full with blood, and has been castrated. I go into graphic detail like that to put off anyone that think they can handle these movies because they have sat through all of the Saw movies. These movies don’t pull any punches with the unabridged viewing of these sadistic serial killers.

August Underground isn’t all murder, though. When the killers aren’t laughing at and killing their helpless victims, they are going to rock shows, convenience stores, cracking jokes, and fooling around. At first, I thought these scenes were pointless and were simply just filler, but then I realized they put these scenes in the movie to show that these serial killers may be people we know and they could be killers and we don’t even know it. Even though these scenes were necessary, some dragged on for too long.

The ending really gets you because you know something bad is going to happen, but you don’t know when or how. The reveal in the basement completely blindsided me and freaked me to no end. I was surprised that the movie ended so abruptly, but I soon found out that all the movies in the AU trilogy end suddenly and have some unanswered questions in the end. August Underground definitely had some parts that are hard to watch, but it doesn’t even begin to hold a candle to the depravity that is, Mordum.


August Underground’s Mordum starts with Vogel’s character behind the camera and going to the door of a room where his girlfriend Krusty (Whiles) is having sex with someone else. Her brother (Schneider). They argue over the situation and then embark on the most insane, sadistic, and stomach turning killing spree ever put on film. The movie then starts a game of “It can’t get any worse than this” and then the next scene is 10 times worse than anything you could ever imagine. Mordum contains scenes that are so unbelievable hanus that I had to take breaks before finishing some scenes and I don’t even want to talk about how disgusting this movie is. Without a doubt, the most disturbing and sadistic movie of all time.


August Underground’s Penance is the third and final movie in the August Underground trilogy. While August Underground and Mordum were purely about the killings, Penance is about the relationship with Vogel’s and Whiles’ characters and their ultimate downfall. Vogel’s character and Crusty are now in the killing game by themselves and it’s starting to tear them apart. Penance is the only movie out of the three that took me a while to figure out my opinion on it. It’s very different from the other two in  that it has somewhat of a plot and it’s more about Vogel’s character and Krusty’s relationship. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a good movie, just not as good as the other two.

Penance has probably the most disturbing home invasion scene I’ve ever seen. A guy answers the door, Vogel’s character hits him in the head with a hammer and then the mom is killed and the daughter is strangled to death by Krusty while Vogel’s character says “I want to see the life go!”. Vogel’s character then tries to rape the mom, but can’t get it up. All of this insanity is done with a Christmas tree in the background.

I was disappointed on how the movie ended. I thought it would end where the victims got their revenge and the cops busted in on them or something, but just like in real life, justice doesn’t always get served. Just like the rest of the movie, it ends somewhat suddenly and leaves unanswered questions. It’s fine to have unanswered questions in the other two movies, but this is the last movie in the quality. Try to tie all the loose ends together with a bloody bow.


These movies have changed my views on horror movies and made me not want to watch any for months after the viewing of this trilogy. These movies contain the most disgusting scenes ever put on film and yet I ask myself “why am I watching this?”. I don’t really have an answer other than my morbid curiosity wanted to see how bad it would get. Toe Tag Production’s SFX in the movie is easily the most realistic I’ve ever seen in a horror movie. These movies don’t shy away from absolutely anything. There’s no off screen murders. Nothing is left to the imagination. Fred Vogel can rest easy knowing he has made the most realistic, sadistic, disturbing, disgusting and ballsy serial killer movies of all time. I’m not going to say I recommend them, but I am going to say that I dare you to watch these movies. I FUCKING DARE YOU.

5 Responses to “REVIEW: ‘August Underground’ Trilogy”
  1. surivra says:

    sounds intresting and vile so i’ll have to check it out.

    i’ve watched hundreds of horror movies and none have effected me in any way, mabey these three will.

    • Brandon PterodactylMann Smith says:

      Watch “A Serbian Film”

      • Anonymous says:

        Brandon… Trust me – “A Serbian Film” has nothing, and I mean NOTHING on these movies. And yes, I’ve seen the uncut version of “ASF”. Trust me, my friend… watch these movies and tell me im wrong.

  2. The Fan Of Horror says:

    I’ve seen lots of horror movies, and I mean lots. (I’ve counted up to 230 :P). And this trilogy is pretty ballsy. but this isn’t the one that affected me the most. The Vomit Gore Trilogy did the trick on that one. But I’m pretty strong stomached, as I ate (meals, not snacks) while watching these and the VGT. A Serbian Film was actually good though, because it had a good storyline on Serbia. You guys seen Chaos? Not much compared to these movies, but it’s pretty graphic and sick. Enjoy. ;D.. ;)..

    • Anonymous says:

      A Serbian Film is overrated and kinda rubbish, but has a few decent deaths in it. Nothing really disturbing. “New born porn” seemed to offend quite a few people but I found it pretty funny TBH.

      The August Underground trilogy, I found to be quite amusing (in a sick way), or at least entertaining, most of the time, with good characters. And there may not be too many off screen murders but a lot of the victims just appear tied up in the basement covered in blood, you don’t see how they got there in such a state. But you do at least see how they get finished off.
      The only scene in the entire trilogy that had me cringing a little was when they made the dude cut off his own penis. Ouchie.
      I’d recommend watching all 3, but don’t expect to be as offended as the reviewer if you’re used to watching the nastier side of horror movies.

      I agree with the guy above who mentioned the Vomit Gore trilogy. That was more offensive, but only cos, y’know, I don’t like watching people throw up on other people’s faces! As movies they suck balls lol

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