Brad Pitt in ‘Hatfields & The McCoys?’

According to Hollywood Elsewhere, Robert Duvall let loose a little tidbit that Brad Pitt is in negotiations to star and produce the Hatfields & The McCoys film with Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart) as director. There is no confirmation of this, just the memory of the journalist, so who knows.

The screenplay for the project was written by Eric Roth and has been bounced around for a while. Who knows where it’s at now. Next up, Pitt will tackle Moneyball with Jonah Hill.

3 Responses to “Brad Pitt in ‘Hatfields & The McCoys?’”
  1. Alicia Keys is a very intelligent and very talented strong black woman that is a good role model to every woman including myself. She also stay true to herself and didn’t have to show extra skin to get were she at, but just letting us see who Alicia Keys is

  2. Reagan Duong says:

    To me, the best thing that Brad Pitt’s has ever done was donating these homes for the victim of hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. He is a hero. I admire you for that

  3. I admire Brad Pitt and I hope he stays happy even there are news that his relation with Angelina J. is going down. He is worth all the happiness there is

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