Marvel Studios Production Head Talks

A few days back we noted that SHH had conducted an interview with President of Production of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige. Well, that interview is here. When asked about a “time frame” for production, Feige had this to say:

About two years is what we’re looking at now. In 2011, we’ll have “Thor” at the beginning of May and “Cap” at the end of July. That seems to be a comfort zone, as in 2008 we had “Iron Man” and “The Incredible Hulk.”

Regarding the sudden demand to film/convert into 3D:

We’re only gonna do it if we can do it extremely well. We’re not gonna do it just as a overlay or just to do it. Certainly, it’s something we’re looking at for all of our movies and we’re looking at very seriously for all of our movies, but we’re not going to make a decision or an announcement until we know that they’ll improve and enhance the film and not just be an added gadget.

Head over to SHH to read the full interview with the President of Production of Marvel Studios.


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