What To Expect From Us…

I meant for this to be our first post, but we ran into a few issues. Better late than never. Whether you occassionally or routinely follow Bubblegum Way, we are grateful for you. At the moment, we are simply a small, fresh, new website, but we plan to be much, much more within the coming months. We plan to be the best source of all things entertainment on the internet. Very shortly, you will be able to find us at BubblegumWay.com. When this occurs, we will also be jump starting a large amount of unique articles. Hit the jump to find what’s in store for BGW…

Weekly Podcast

Either sometime today or tomorrow, we will be recording our very first podcast. We will delve into recent news in movies, music, technology, video games, pop culture, art, and so much more while offering a fresh, unique and entertaining approach.


We will be giving away movie/music memorabilia, DVD/Blu Ray, CD’s, and much more.

Series Reviews

Along side our Rewind Reviews (more on this soon) and our reviews of new releases, we will be kick starting our Series Reviews. Either every week or every other week we will be doing a review of an entire film series (Star Wars, Batman, etc.). This also applies to a reviews of complete or selective body of works from directors, actors, producers, writers (Quentin Tarantino, Kevin Smith, Christian Bale, Tom Hanks, etc.) and also film company’s (Pixar, etc.). The reviews will pour out daily for an entire week or if need be, spill into the following week.

Exclusive Interviews

We will be setting up exclusive interviews with many persons in either the film business, music industry, artists, and so much more.

Sensual Eruption

I’ve already posted the first of this series. Basically, Sensual Eruption is a weekly collection of photographs of beautiful, sexy woman for all you horny men out there. You can view the first entry here.

These are but a few of the things we have planned for this website. Of course, we’re keeping a few things to ourselves to surprise our readers when we decide to drop them. Stick with Bubblegum Way and I assure you that you will get your fix on entertainment. As always, we love our readers and fans. Without you, we are nothing. – Fred

As the tech guy behind BGW, the Eric B. to Fred’s Rakim, I’d like to say that the current layout/design of BGW will not be present whenever we go .com. WordPress makes it where you have to pay for a .com to get extended privileges so expect a nice looking design whenever we jump the boat to .com. – Kevin


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