‘Lost’ Report: The Last Recruit

The Locke Monster’s camp merges with Jack’s, and alliances are forged (and broken). L.A. segments focus on Jack.

Hit the jump. Expect spoilers…

Eventually, I’ll get around to either doing a post for the previous seasons or the previous episodes in the final season or I won’t do either at all. Not much went down in this episode.  Jack and the gang are now with Focke (fake Locke). Basically, the only things we learned are that Desmond is not dead (well, he might be now, but doubtful), Jack found out that Claire is his sister (on island and in the other timeline), and it was revealed (but obvious since the finale of season 5) that Focke was using Jack’s father’s corpse to lure the survivors to him/places.

Focke sends Sayid to finish his dirty work and kill Desmond (who was presumed dead in the previous episode). They didn’t say if he killed him or not. Sawyer decides that Jack, Hurley, Son, Kate, and himself all need to ditch Focke, so they do. They hitch a ride on a boat, Jack says he wants to stay, hops off the boat and drifts back to the island where Focke waits.

Meanwhile, in the other timeline, everyone’s starting to learn about their “other life”. Kate was arrested by Sawyer. Son survived the bullet wound to the chest, as did her baby (dubyateeeff?). Desmond tricks Claire to with him to a lawyer, whom happens to be a female character from the island. I can’t remember her name as she was just another filler character, who exploded last episode… So, anyway, Jack takes his son to the same lawyer in regard to his dead father’s will, discovers that Claire’s his siter and storms back to the hospital where John Locke (the real one) awaits surgery from being hit by a car.

The episode’s climax has Witmor betraying Sawyer and taking the people he’s with captive. They begin to bomb the shit out of the island Jack and Focke are on. Jack gets blasted across the beach, Focke pulls him to safety and says, “You’re with me now…” and the credits roll.

Meh. This season isn’t doing it for me. With only four episodes left, Lost takes a hiatus for a few weeks.


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