Megan Fox Topped In “Best-Looking Woman” Poll

Esquire magazine asked women to vote who they think the best looking woman is this year. Fox, who won last year, was beat out by another woman. Find out who and read on…

Christina Hendricks, Madmen’s beautiful, curvy redhead, was voted best looking woman this year by 10,000 women who participated in a poll for Esquire magazine. That’s all well and good, but it seems like the cover picture for the magazine wanted her to change her image a little bit. The image that appeared on the cover gave Hendricks long, curly and darker hair and took away her beautiful, so well-known smile. The issue was geared toward women, and maybe this is just showing that things are going toward the right direction…away from the stick-figure models and toward a natural, curvy, voluptuous body. She’s gorgeous, and she deserved it.

Hendricks also beat out Adriana Lima, Victoria’s Secret model. Scroll for more pics of all three women. Who do you think should have won…do you agree with 10,000 of America’s women or are they wrong?

SOURCE: Yahoo! omg!

One Response to “Megan Fox Topped In “Best-Looking Woman” Poll”
  1. yaaaaaa says:

    I thought it said topless. fuck you.

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