Fred’s Top 10: Underrated Films

Lately I’ve been pulling a few gems from my film collection that were either hated or ignored for no goddamn reason. So, I’ve compiled a top ten list of the best of the unappreciated. Hit the jump…

#10: Mulholland Dr.

Despite the fact that it took me four separate viewings to somewhat understand this piece of art, the fact that the majority of the film-illiterate have never even heard of this film nor it’s director, David Lynch, is a sad, sad fact. Backed with beautiful cinematography, superb acting, and creepy, erotic direction, Mulholland Dr. is one of the most underrated mindfucks in history.

#9: Chasing Amy

Raved as the overall best film in Kevin Smith’s impressive (Clerks, Dogma, Clerks II) to embarrassing career (Cop Out), this raunchy, romantic-comedy will hit even the most macho of men for it’s fantastic portrayal of love, homosexuality, and homophobia, topped off with brilliant acting from Jason Lee and a career high for Ben Affleck.

#8: The Basketball Diaries

One of Leonardo DiCaprio’s first roles, and second breakout role (behind What’s Eating Gilbert Grape) is a funny, dark, depressing true story of drug use within high school students… and no one has ever heard of it. It even stars Marky Mark Wahlberg in a surprisingly decent performance for Christ’s sake and still no one knows of it? *sigh*

#7: Brick

To be honest, I never even heard of this film until I decided to randomly purchase it from a local Best Buy when it dropped on DVD. Yeah, I’d seen the poster, but who cares. Low expectations might have been the reason behind the love I have for this independent gem starring the always impressive Joseph Gordon-Levitt… but probably the fact that it’s a fantastic film is the real culprit.

#6: Hard Candy

This movie has the honor of being one of maybe four films to ever make me squirm. Sure, I’ve ran into a few people who’ve caught the flick on HBO or something, but this is a movie that deserves to be seen by the thousands. Oh well…


3 Responses to “Fred’s Top 10: Underrated Films”
  1. Up, Up & Away says:

    This is a damn fine compilation. Def need to checkout that Brick & Hard Candy. Children of Men or Snatch better top this off forreal.

  2. Fred says:

    Snatch? Naahh… Children of Men? Check back soon, sir.

  3. fag says:

    hahahahaha only a fag would like chasing amy

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