Fred’s Sensual Eruption: April 19th, 2010

*Kim Kardashian

What’s a good blog without a collection of beautiful, barely dressed (if at all) women? Every Monday I’ll be posting the newest and sexiest photographs for all you perverts. Click on each photograph to enlarge. Enjoy after the cut…

And now… a few stills from the new sexplotation movie, Bitch Slap.

See you next Monday, pervs.

4 Responses to “Fred’s Sensual Eruption: April 19th, 2010”
  1. drool says:

    fred… you’re the fuckin’ man. this is my new favorite site no joke

  2. Bitchslap? says:

    Bitch Slap??

  3. Tyron says:

    I NEED the names of the first and third girl.

  4. Blaze says:

    You need to hold it down better with this ish next time, homie. There’s only a select number of babes in this batch :/

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