Cobe Obeah – Director’s Cut x Song of the Starz

“I remember Tupac used to sang to me,

He had me feeling like rap was the thang to be”

Off Cobe Obeah’s upcoming Song of the Starz project. This shit has been on repeat for a good 45-minutes now. ArtbyShake and spotted at 2DBZFRED UPDATE: Slid in the title track from the man Cobe since every response was overly positive.

DOWNLOAD: Cobe Obeah – Director’s Cut

DOWNLOAD: Cobe Obeah – Song of the Starz

7 Responses to “Cobe Obeah – Director’s Cut x Song of the Starz”
  1. DOPEASFUCK says:

    OMG this is the dopestt shit i ever heard

  2. michael says:

    goddamn. who is this kid??

  3. curtisjackson says:

    lol yall niggas listenin to whack shit if u like dis

  4. Faygo Orange says:


    Man, you’re a tool. This shit goes TOO HAARDD

  5. curtisjackson says:

    lolol soft ass e-thugs

  6. yo says:

    yo fred… you got anything else from this kid? dudes too nice

  7. Rosario says:

    Good to hear this dude gettin’ the attention he deserves. Dope ass track!!

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